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Real Estate Legal Services in UAE

At Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants our attorneys have unparalleled expertise in the real estate with extensive experience advising on every aspect of real estate law from acquisition of land and procurement of real estate financing to successful recovery of high-value property investments through carrying out negotiations to resolve the dispute amicably by reaching settlement or through formal legal proceedings.

Real Estate investment disputes in UAE

Are you involved in a dispute with a real estate firm? Or Looking for a Real Estate investment in Dubai or other emirates in the UAE? Then this article is a must read for you as it focuses on one of the most important aspect which every buyer/investor wants to know i.e. what claims and how much can one make in a real estate dispute and how under the UAE laws. Rights of investor/buyer in the UAE when property handover delayed As we know that contract by their nature reflects the commercial intentions of the parties at a particular point … Continue reading Real Estate investment disputes in UAE

Principles of the Joint Ownership Provisions

Some Principles of the Joint Ownership Provisions According to UAE Civil Transactions Act issued by the Federal Law No (5) of 1985 And amended by Federal Law No (1) of 1987 Written by the Legal Counselor: Hussain Mohammed Aref Hussain Definition: Joint ownership is concerned with a specific property owned by more than one person due to any acquisition grounds and the shares of the co-owners vary according to the source of said ownership. Inheritance represents the most common source of ownership as upon the death of any bequeather with various heirs, a joint property is transferred to those heirs … Continue reading Principles of the Joint Ownership Provisions