Lapse in Child Custody

Lapse in Child Custody According to Personal Status Law No. 28 of 2005 By Counselor Hussain Mohammed Aref Hussain In the article about Child custody in UAE, we discussed about the legitimacy of child custody. And here, we discuss about the child custody lapse which can cause the custodian loses the right of custody of the child after separation of the marriage. There are requirements that must be met by the custodian, whether a man or a woman, as per Articles 142 and 143 of the Personal Status Law. The lapse of custody is also specified in a certain number … Continue reading Lapse in Child Custody

Child Custody in UAE

This blog article discuss about the Legitimacy of Child Custody as per UAE Personal Status Law no. 28 of 2008, Conditions of Eligibility & Order of Custodians Authored by Legal Advisor: Hussain Mohammed Aref Hussain The Legitimacy of Child Custody One of the most important aspects of the dissolution of marriage or divorce is the children given birth to by such marriage, their fate, and the parent, best fit to attend to, raise, take care of, guard them, achieve their best interest and repel any harm thereto. The interpretive memo of UAE Personal Status Law noted that the custody is … Continue reading Child Custody in UAE