Criminal Rehabilitation in UAE

This article would tell you about the criminal rehabilitation in UAE and its classification. Criminal rehabilitation means removing the criminal effects from the criminal record of the convicted subject to certain conditions as stipulated by law. Rehabilitation aims at reducing the social consequences of the criminal judgments included in the criminal record, which may hinder the convicted from involving in society. According to Federal Law No. (36) Of 1992, rehabilitation is classified into two types: Legal Rehabilitation The judgment of conviction is dismissed by law without any judicial intervention or a request from the convicted if the latter is not … Continue reading Criminal Rehabilitation in UAE

Lift Work Ban & Transfer of Ownership in UAE

Lifting Work Ban If you have a work ban (also known as visa ban or labour ban) and want to get lifted before it expires in 6 months or 1 year time, you should read further. If you want to lift work ban, provided that you will receive an NOC (no objection certificate) from the company who cancelled your labor card. Ministry of Labor will impose the ban when the employee leaves the sponsoring employer before the expiry of the labor card provided that the employer’s NOC is not accompanied with the cancellation/transfer request. Minister of Labor may also lift … Continue reading Lift Work Ban & Transfer of Ownership in UAE