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Understanding Maritime Law Regulations in UAE

Last updated on May 30th, 2019 at 10:43 am

The UAE Maritime Code, also known as the UAE Federal Law No. 26 of 1981, is the law for the regulation and governance of shipping practices in the UAE. This law, amended in the year 1988, covers a variety of topics through its sections and is the guiding light for resolving issues related to maritime law code followed in the UAE.

The law has been made in accordance to modern international maritime or admiralty laws followed and accepted as international standards and is in line with the maritime law followed by the member states of the Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council.

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The UAE Maritime law covers the following topics:

  • Registration of vessel
  • Documents of vessel
  • Ownership of vessel
  • Right to lien on vessel cargo
  • Mortgage of vessel
  • Arrest of vessels
  • Establishing identity of carriers
  • Master of vessel
  • Crew of vessel
  • Chartering of vessels
  • Contracts related to carriage of goods on vessels
  • Ferrying of passengers on vessels
  • Towage and pilotage of vessels
  • Collisions that involve vessels
  • Salvaging that involve vessels
  • General average
  • Maritime Insurance
  • Time bar of marine claims

There are also other local laws and decrees that regulate issues relating to shipping practices and vessels in the UAE.

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