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UAE traffic fines for fleeing after an accident

Last updated on June 1st, 2019 at 09:05 am

The UAE Traffic Law concerning the driver’s liability including the UAE traffic fines for fleeing in the event of an accident.

Federal Law No. 21 of 1995 “Concerning traffic” as amended is the law, which governs traffic and regulates vehicles. The law also stipulates the sanctions for traffic crimes and procedures related thereto.

Obligations of the driver of a motor vehicle in case of an accident
Car Accident

In accordance with the provisions of the Article No. 5 of the Traffic Law every driver shall hand his personal papers and those of the vehicle to any attending policeman in the event an accident happens, by or against such driver, which causes harm to humans or animals or property. The driver shall extend all necessary and possible assistance to care for the injured. He must also inform the nearest police station about the accident within a six-hour delay at most, in case no police officer was present in the scene of the accident.

UAE Traffic fines

As a result of the violation of such obligation the criminal penalty may be imposed on the driver by virtue of the provisions of the Article No. 49. 5 which stipulates that the driver who refrains from stopping in the event of occurrence of an accident, by or against resulting in damage to persons, without acceptable excuse shall be sentenced to imprisonment and/or to a minimum fine of twenty five thousand Dhs (AED 25,000).

In the event of driver fleeing from the accident, which did not result in harm to the persons, the penalty shall be measured in accordance with the provisions of the Article No. 57 of the Traffic Law, which provides for the penalty for whoever violates any provisions of the Traffic Law other than those that provide for the separate sanctions.

The violator under the provisions of the Article No. 57 shall be sentenced only to imprisonment for a maximum period of one month and /or a minimum fine of two hundred Dhs (AED 200).

It shall be noted that the driver may be arrested if he attempts to flee in case an accident harming any person occurs or in case of an order to stop, given by a policeman.

A motor vehicle may be confiscated in case it is connected with an accident involving a crime and it is necessary to exhibit such vehicle as evidence.

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