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Last Updated On 19th July 2014

Q) How may an assignment of water vehicles be made?

A) An assignment of water vehicles (vessels, boats, water cycles) may be made as below:

∎ If the vehicle is not registered in the Department of Transport (that is its owner is not registered), the invoice of the vehicle shall be endorsed by Dubai of Commerce and Industry, and translated and then endorsed by the Ministry of Justice if it is in English.

∎ If certificate of vehicle cancellation shall be shown.

∎ In case the vehicle is exported from outside the UAE, following items shall be provided.
    ∎ An acknowledgment of sale
    ∎ A letter from the chamber of commerce of the exporting country
    ∎ The endorsement of the UAE Foreign Ministry and Embassy
    ∎ A legal translation
    ∎ The endorsement of the Ministry of Justice.

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