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Q) What are the requirements of appeal (civil, commercial, labor, real estate and personal status)?

A) ∎ The statement including the name of parties, addresses and concluding requests shall be in Arabic.

∎ Appellant or representative’s signature.

∎ Parties’ name according to the Passport.

∎ Addresses (address of the appellant and the respondent)

∎ ID (copy of the passport of ID)

∎ Power of attorney only for a lawyer approved by the circuit or one of the fourth-degree relatives, ie father, brother, sister or mother.

∎ All enclosed documents.

∎ A copy of the first instance sentence or a summary statement of the case.

∎ Fees:
    ∎ 1% of the value of the claimed amount.

    ∎ Fee of applications which value has not been assessed (such as appointing an expert, passport, deleting a brand name etc.) is AED 150.

    ∎ Labor appeal submitted by the laborer shall be free.

    ∎ The appeal submitted by the company against the laborer shall be entitled to a fee of 1.5% of claimed value.

    ∎ In case of an application to suspend the sentence, AED 200 shall be levied as fee.

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