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Khairallah Legal
Maritime law firm in UAE

Maritime law in the UAE is a very complex part of the law. The movements of ships, sailors, and any other similar watercraft are governed by the legal system.

A considerable portion of all significant global business transactions include maritime transport and commerce. Additionally, import and export operations are crucial in the United Arab Emirates. Its harbor is among the busiest in the world as a result. The UAE is situated in a region of the Middle East that is favorable to marine transportation and has a high volume of shipping activity. It is a vital region for commerce, shipping, and marine issues economically.

The United Arab Emirates is an important maritime outlet for the Middle East; marine trade and transport account for 75% of significant commercial transactions worldwide. Therefore, maritime-related legal services are of crucial importance to our law firm. Our Admiralty legal division provides efficient legal support in maritime dispute resolution and drafting of all types of naval contracts. We employ our professional expertise and prompt action to carry out procedures and take decisions in shipping claims.

FAQ about Maritime Law in the UAE |
Maritime Law Firm Dubai

What is the meaning of maritime law in the UAE?

The UAE Maritime Code is the legislation that governs all aspects of admiralty and shipping in the UAE. It is also referred to as UAE Federal Law No. 26 of 1981. It was adopted in conformity with contemporary international maritime rules and addresses a wide range of UAE maritime law concerns.

What are the issues that include maritime law in the UAE?

The following are the issues that should be asserted under this law:

  • Fishing Boat Registration and Licensing
  • Vessel Registration and Ownership
  • Ship registration and financing
  • Vessel Mortgage Arrest and Vessel Seizure
  • Transportation of Cargo and Freight
  • Carrier Identification Crew
  • Maritime Debt
  • Maritime Mishaps
  • Maritime Coverage
  • Maritime Compensation
  • Pollution in the Sea
  • Goods Contracts for Transportation
  • Damaged Products
  • Items Misplaced
  • Vessels Available for Charter

Our professional team is always ready to provide local and international customers involved in the Emirates’ business with up-to-date and highly relevant legal advice on maritime law in Dubai. Our UAE marine law advice covers the full range of legal concerns recognized by the country’s legal system.

Our emphasis on providing high-quality service has led us to pay great attention to our customers. When you contact us with your maritime legal issues, you will find us attentively listening. This characteristic, when combined with a rigorous investigation, makes our case guidance on point and extremely relevant.

We provide our expertise in the following cases:

  • Maritime collision accidents;
  • Claims related to vessel’s hull and machinery insurance;
  • Marine insurance
  • Ship detention (Vessel detention);
  • Vessel owner’s liability and claims related to potential risk insurance and Marine insurance
  • Bill of Lading disputes
  • Cargo, Freight and dangerous substance transportation
  • Charter Party disputes
  • Crew wages
  • Disaster
  • Debt collection
  • Freight Forwarding & Logistics
  • H & M Claims
  • Novation and Option Agreements
  • Onboard employment and personal issues
  • P&I and FD&D Club advice
  • Pollution
  • Salvage claim
  • Ship Building & Repair
  • Ship Finance
  • Ship registration
  • Ship Warranty and Guarantee Matters
  • Statutory Duties of Port, Vessel Seizure
  • Total loss
  • Wreck removal