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Duties of Physician in UAE

Federal Decree Law No. (4) of 2016-Medical treatment provided to patients does not always achieve the desired results, and sometimes it may lead to catastrophic consequences that cannot be remedied. This is due to several factors; some of these factors are related to the therapist or to the patient himself, or even related to Allah’s will. It was, therefore, necessary for the legislator to intervene and develop the laws governing medical malpractice cases and set the limitations of liability for the therapist in such cases.

Therefore, physicians must follow the prescribed guidelines as per the so-called duties of physicians in the UAE.

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The rules set forth by Federal Decree Law No. (4) of 2016-duties of physicians in the UAE

1. Comply with the rules, regulations, and procedures of practicing the Profession, as per his grade and specialization.

2. Record the patient’s health condition and the medical and family history, prior to diagnosing or treating the case.

3. Prescribe treatment and determine the quantity and usage in legible writing including the name, signature, and date on the prescription; and advise the patient or his family, as the case may be, of the importance of adhering to the method determined for medication.

4. Inform the patient of the nature and degree of seriousness of his illness, unless it is not in the patient’s interest to do so, or the patient is not psychologically prepared to be informed. The patient’s next of kin, relatives, or fellows shall be informed in the following two cases:

  • If the patient is totally or partially incapacitated.
  • If, given his medical condition, the patient cannot be personally informed, and he has not determined a person to be informed.

5. Inform the patient or his family of the complications that may arise from diagnosis, medical treatment, or surgical intervention, and control such complications and provide remedial action where possible.

6. Cooperate with other physicians involved in the patient’s treatment, provide information on patient’s medical condition and the course of treatment whenever requested to do so, and consult a specialist colleague if the case so requires.

The Decree-Law added four other duties to be considered by the physician

1. Use available diagnostics and treatment tools necessary for the case.

2. Use necessary medical tools and equipment carefully in diagnosing and treating the patient according to the recognized scientific principles.

3. Inform the patient of the available options of medication.

4. Cooperate with the practitioners involved in the medical condition of the patient.

5. Inform about suspicious people infected with any communicable disease according to the procedures set out in the legislation regulating communicable disease control.

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FAQ about the Duties of a Physician under the Federal Decree Law in the UAE

1-What are the main duties of a physician?

In addition to conducting physical examinations and medical history inquiries, doctors also order, carry out, and interpret diagnostic tests. Patients frequently receive advice from them on food, cleanliness, and preventative healthcare.

2-Can foreign doctors work in UAE?

Authorities in the UAE have established facilities to aid international physicians seeking permanent residency in the UAE in obtaining golden visas. The golden visa is a long-term residency program introduced in Dubai that honors professionals from a variety of areas who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the country.

3-How can I sue a hospital in UAE?

  1. Use the official DHA website for medical complaints, mc.dha.gov.ae, to submit a complaint form.
  2. Send a thorough description of your grievance to [email protected] through email.
  3. Dial (800) 342. (DHA)
  4. Contact the emirate’s sane authority by contacting them at @DHA Dubai.

This was an overview of the laws, guidelines, and amendments to the duties of physicians in the UAE.

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