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what is money laundering in Dubai? it refers to the methods used by offenders to hide the source of their money. Making such gains appear to originate from a legitimate source allows the possession of the proceeds of criminal activity to go unnoticed. There are many different ways that property obtained via illegal behavior could be laundered.
money laundering attorney in UAE will answer the question “what is money laundering in Dubai?” meaning and other frequent inquiries about Combatting money laundering in Dubai in this article.

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what is money laundering in Dubai?

Money laundering is the criminal process of passing illegally obtained funds through legitimate businesses in order to “clean” them from criminal activities such as drug-related crimes, embezzlement, and terrorism funding. Financial criminals attempt to avoid discovery in this way by passing off their illegal money as legitimate profits.

If criminals wish to avoid facing legal consequences for their actions, they cannot simply spend huge amounts of money without disclosing its source. That suggests that in order to escape law enforcement, they must make it seem as though the money originated from a legal source.

Financial businesses and high-cash industries are used by clever criminals to disguise their dirty money as profits from legal enterprises rather than financial crimes. For instance, a lot of criminal organizations do this by using offshore corporations. These are businesses that just exist on paper to conceal the fact that they participate in illegal monetary operations. It is a method used by drug dealers and other criminals to deposit funds into bank accounts that they may use without risk of being apprehended or raising suspicion.

Dubai’s Money Laundering Regulations | Anti money laundering UAE registration

according to Money laundering UAE Law, The federal regulations of the UAE, which were created to comply with the worldwide AML/CFT standards outlined in the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force, serve as the primary legal foundation for anti-money laundering in Dubai (FATF). The following significant federal laws affect AML in Dubai:

  • Federal Law No. 4 of 2002, Concerning the Prevention of the Proceeds of Terrorism and Money Laundering,
  • Federal Law No. 1 of 2004 and the Terrorism Offenses Combat Regulations
  • Federal Law No. 20 of 2018 Concerning Money Laundering Prevention, Terrorism Financing Prevention, and Illegal Organizations Financing

Combatting money laundering, along with the federal regulations that apply to the entire United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has the authority to impose particular AML/CFT requirements on the special economic zone under the DIFC Regulatory Law of 2004.

Firms operating inside the DIFC are required by Article 7(1) of the Regulatory Legislation 2004 to adhere to the responsibilities established by UAE federal law. Banks, financial institutions, and other required businesses need to apply for a license from the DFSA in order to operate in the DIFC.

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The Risks of Money Laundering

  • Economic Recession
  • Rise in criminality and corruption
  • Economic Stability Threat
  • Destabilize financial institutions

examples of money laundering case | best money laundering lawyer in Dubai

there are more than 7 examples of money laundering, these are the most popular in Dubai:  

  1. Real-Estate Laundering
  2. Bank Laundering
  3. Casino Laundering
  4. Laundering Money Through Cash Businesses
  5. Trade-Based Laundering
  6. Layering
  7. Structuring

why is the Dubai government prohibited from money laundering?

Punishment for money laundering in UAE, and profiting from crime is the purpose of anti money laundering UAE. The formation of the crime is justified by the idea that it is immoral for individuals and organizations to assist criminals in making money from illegal activity or to support the commission of such crimes by providing them with financial services.

There are many different procedures. A person or company participates in a range of transactions, the majority of which involve unlaundered earnings.

In Dubai, money laundering is viewed as a procedure that includes three separate steps.

  1. the stage of the process that actually affects the property, when it is “washed” and its ownership and source are covered up.
  2. The last stage of the process is integration, during which the “laundered” property is once again made available on the market.
  3. The so-called phases really frequently overlap, and occasionally (for instance, in cases of financial crimes) it is not necessary to “set” the proceeds of the crime.

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The Punishment for money laundering in UAE

according to the best money laundering lawyer in dubai, anyone who participates in money laundering in Dubai shall be penalized with a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years in jail, according to Article 22 of the Money Laundering Law. The offender may also be penalized with fines that vary from 100,000 to 5,000,000 AED, or with both a punishment and jail.

The penalties are more severe if the perpetrator exploited the influence. if the crime was carried out through a non-profit organization or an organized criminal gang, or if it was done by a repeat offender. Temporary imprisonment (up to 15 years) and fines between AED 300,000 and AED 10,000,000 are possible penalties in certain situations.

Final Thoughts

what is money laundering in Dubai? Anti money laundering UAE, Federal legislation in UAE bans the conduct of money laundering, which carries harsh punishments and lengthy jail terms. so if you are facing any of these charges,  Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants offers the best money laundering attorney in UAE that assist and defend on your behalf.

if you are looking for the best money laundering lawyer in Dubai, we are honored to introduce our best attorney Abdultaiyab Bahrainwala, LLM, LLB advises on all aspects of UAE Property Laws, Commercial Laws, Corporate Laws, Labour Laws, Banking Laws and Family Laws. He proved to be one of the top lawyers in UAE.

Furthermore, he holds an LLM Degree in International Business Law from the National University of Singapore jointly conducted in Singapore and Shanghai. During his post-graduation, he has specialized in International Business Law by reading courses on Banking & International Payments, Comparative Corporate Governance, Cross-Border Transactions & Transnational Commercial Law, International Law, Comparative Corporations Law, International Public Monetary Payment & Settlements System Law, Choice of Law for International Commercial Contracts and International & Commercial Trusts Law.