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Khairallah lawyers in UAE are, by the choices of our clients, professional advocates & legal consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

So Khairallah law firm in Dubai will mention all the information you’re interested to know about our legal consultancy in UAE. If you’re really in need of the best lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this blog is for you!

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Khairallah provides you with a selection of legal services and reasonable solutions that ensure the success of your business in UAE and make you comply with the laws there.

So, we’ll discuss with you the most important points about our services. But keep in mind that a successful business in the UAE requires the maximum cooperation between you and your lawyer in Dubai.


Our professional team of best lawyers in UAE covers three types of litigation (commercial, criminal, and civil). And We’ll talk about every single type apart.

It’s a service which covers a wide range of legal conflicts between two individuals, two business entities, or more including civil issues.

However, civil law is distinct from criminal law because the first one is aimed at noncriminal disputes, such as:

  1. Breaches of contracts.
  2. Property disagreements.
  3. Compensation cases.
  4. Family law disputes.
  5. Child support payments.
  6. Court custody cases.
  7. Landlord & tenants disputes.
  8. Insurance claims.

It’s the area which covers the resolving of the disputes between bodies (companies) and the other participants in the market.

Most companies, especially start-up companies, may face a lot of problems in the UAE, and these problems may cost them their business or at least adversely affect their business activities.

Moreover, our best lawyers in UAE are ready to help you, so here are some examples of the commercial services:

  1. Purchase agreements & other trading disputes.
  2. Banks & financial institutions disputes.
  3. Company establishment disputes.
  4. Dismissal of partners.
  5. Debt recovery.
  6. Liquidation, bankruptcy, or insolvency of the company.

Note: Commercial litigation includes all company disputes, but we mentione limited examples.

This area of law refers to the trial of a defendant in a court, and we provide you with defense services and represent you before the judge in the court.

As our team includes defense attorneys or criminal lawyers in UAE, we’re handling with a wide range of criminal cases, such as:

  1. White collar crime (fraud & embezzlement).
  2. Misdemeanors.
  3. Sex crimes.
  4. Drug trafficking.
  5. Driving under the influence (DUI) & driving while intoxicated (DWI).
  6. Defense of criminal appeals or death penalty.
  7. Domestic violence offenses & VAW crimes.
  8. Rehabilitation cases.
  9. Tax fraud cases.
  10. Human rights abuses.

Note: You can learn more about our services by clicking on the title “Criminal litigation”.

2-Family & Personal Status 

It’s the update of your marital status such as married, divorec, and widowed. In addition, name change & name choice for your baby.

So if you want to start or break up the family, you have to refer to this law. Furthermore, we mention some detailed examples of Khairallah services provided by the lawyers in UAE:

  1. Marriage & divorce issues.
  2. Alimony cases.
  3. Child custody.
  4. Child support.
  5. Inheritance issues.
  6. Legal custody of the child.
  7. Christian marriage contracts.
  8. Property issues of spouses.
  9. Guardianship and custody of minors.

3-Intellectual Property Rights

This law is special for the business owners, musicians, bloggers, authors, artists….ect. So it protects their rights to own something such as a music tracks, designs, inventions, paintings, or any other works.

These works are protected by what is called copyright, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. By the way, This mechanism is applied in these fields: entertainment, arts, computer software, and publishing.

So our professional team provides you with the right advice according to the Intellectual Property Rights, protects your work, and enforce the rights.

Note: The lawyers in UAE will also protect other works. For instance, if you propose a trade mark, your lawyer will conduct a deep research on the your suggestions and then counsel you.

It’s different with patents because your lawyer must have a reputable technical background to give you the right advice to assess your project’s validity.

4-Management & Foreign Citizenship Services

This range of legal services are special for non-EU citizens who are interested to get:

  1. A permanent residence permit in two of the most beautiful geographic spots in the world, Cyprus or Greece.
  2. A Cypriot Citizenship to get a passport.

Based on the amendments to the regulations of the Cyprus and Greece governments, those two countries aim to recruit the investors, especially the property buyers from the middle east.

Our services are:

  1. Intermediary services that will help our clients to acquire property in Cyprus and Greece.
  2. Help you in the application process.
  3. Drafting the application documents.
  4. Submitting your application to the Cypriot or Greek authorities.
  5. Follow up on your application status.
  6. Acting as your liaison with the Cypriot or Greek authorities during the review of your application.

5-Investigation in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is making a great effort to invest and attract foreign investors to invest in the Emirates.

But under certain conditions imposed by the state on them, and this sometimes requires the appointment of a professional lawyer to conduct all legal transactions.

About our services in this field:

  1. Our lawyers in UAE can investigate your issues if you’re there or remotely.
  2. Advising on the facts that may show and make the clients change their minds to invest in UAE or at least change the field.

6-Business Setup Services

UAE is one of the most important destinations in the world, and Expo 2020 provided investors of a prosperous and bright future.

For sure, UAE is so attractive for thousands of investors throughout the world for many reasons, whether its strategic location, supporting startup, economic and political stability and more.

Some of our countless services provided by our lawyers in UAE:

  1. Granting professional licenses to the start-up business owners.
  2. Limited liability companies.
  3. Opening branch offices of foreign companies.
  4. Commercial agency registration.

FAQs about the lawyers in UAE

1-What is a legal consultant in Dubai?

Legal consultants and attorneys in Dubai must provide clients with both expected and unexpected services. They can at least give this their best effort. Protecting and preserving the client’s or organization’s rights is the responsibility of the legal consultant.

2-How can I become advocate in UAE?

Be a citizen of the UAE is a requirement for local lawyers to receive a practicing certificate. have reached the age of 21. possess a credential from an institution of higher learning with accreditation.

3-Can foreigners become lawyers in UAE?

Foreign attorneys are permitted to practice local law, but only a Dubai national is allowed to show up in court in Dubai.

Khairallah advocates & legal consultants is one of the most remarkable law firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because its services are constantly expanding to cover all legal fields there.