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Criminal Litigation Law Firm in UAE | Top law firm in Dubai

Criminal litigation law firm in UAE – The UAE criminal law is a field of law that deals with public wrongs and offenses and is separated into two parts: substantive law and procedural law. The UAE Penal Code establishes the legal regulations that decide whether activities are considered crimes in the UAE and determines the consequences for such offenses.

Left in a tight corner, a detainee in a police station needs an attorney to defend him in a criminal case. Our Criminal Litigation Team takes care of inquiries from detained persons to ensure their rights are guaranteed by the UAE Constitution and Criminal Procedure Law. We provide dedicated phone consultancy for detained persons or those taken to police custody. After which, our lawyers conduct confidential interviews and provide defense advice.

We are committed to providing sound legal services in criminal litigation to our Clients irrespective of whether he is an accused persons or a victim. It is your right to have legal advice, and it is our professional duty to defend you to the best of our knowledge.

We represent our clients in all stages of criminal proceedings, including representation in Police Stations, Public Prosecution, Courts of First Instance, Courts of Appeal, Dubai Court of Cassation, and the UAE Federal Supreme Court.

Our expertise is demonstrated in handling many criminal cases, including, but not limited to:

  • Bounced cheque complaints;
  • Defending against charges of Assault such as Murder, Armed aggression and Libel suits etc.
  • Defending against Financial charges such as Fraud, Insolvency, Breach of trust etc.
  • Defending against accusation related to drugs such as Drug trafficking, possessing and abusing.
  • Defense against charges of Forgery.
  • Defense against charges of Drink and Drive.
  • Human rights violation complaints.
  • Allegations of dishonesty eg:- Theft, Fraud, Conspiracy, Obtaining pecuniary advantage etc.
  • Defense for offences against State security and Interest.
  • Defense for offences against public offices.
  • Defense for offences for public danger.
  • Defense for Exploitation of the job and power for eg: Bribery, Theft
  • Defense in allegations of violence.
  • Defense for offenses relating to religious rights.
  • International Tax evasion cases.
  • Rehabilitation cases.
  • Sexual abuse allegations.

Are there criminal lawyers in Dubai?

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or are the subject of an inquiry, we are among the best criminal lawyers in Dubai. Our criminal lawyer in dubai have extensive expertise in criminal law and justice in Dubai, UAE.

FAQ about Criminal litigation law firm in UAE | criminal lawyer Dubai

How much does a lawyer cost in UAE?

The consultation charge ranges from Dh1,000 to Dh5,000. There are no set legal fees. Depending on his or her experience, each lawyer may charge you differently. Be wary of associates that wait for customers in court and charge you for a small thing.

What is the punishment for crimes in Dubai?

Diyat (‘blood money’ payment) Temporary detention. Life in prison. The punishment of death.

Maher Mahmoud Al Khalaf

Jouslin Khairallah

Founder & Managing Director

Jouslin Khairallah is the Founder & Managing Director of Khairallah Advocates and Legal Consultants. She’s one of the top lawyers in Dubai. 

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