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real estate laws in Dubai – We are all aware that Dubai is the most well-known city in the United Arab Emirates. It was considered a Middle Eastern vacation city due to modern advancements in architectural structures and buildings. The world’s wealthy tourists choose to visit Dubai because of the lavish accommodations it provides to visitors and travelers. 

Buyers and investors from all over the world are now interested in buying Dubai real estate, according to the real estate law firm in dubai. The Dubai State Government has created and enacted a few Dubai property regulations for real estate owners and investors all over the world. The real estate laws and regulations handle a wide range of legal concerns concerning the sale, purchase, and ownership of Dubai property.

Do you think to move to one of the best cities in the middle east? Are you searching for the best real estate and property lawyer dubai uae? Would you like to know more about real estate litigation in UAE? our best real estate lawyers in Dubai provide you with all the information you need about real estate laws in Dubai, keep reading.

real estate Laws in Dubai | real estate legal consultant

real estate legislation in Dubai
real estate laws in Dubai

The Government of Dubai issued Law No. 7 of 2006 concerning Real Property Registration in the Emirate of Dubai (“Property Ownership Law”) on March 13, 2006, which controls property ownership in the Emirate of Dubai by individuals and companies.

According to Article 4 of the Property Ownership Law, UAE and GCC nationals and companies incorporated in the UAE (excluding free zones) that are wholly owned by UAE or GCC nationals have the right to own freehold title to real estate and to acquire all types of real estate interests such as usufruct, musataha, and long term leases up to 99 years located in any area of the Emirate of Dubai. 

Furthermore, public joint stock firms are permitted to own property across Dubai. According to our Dubai real estate lawyers‘ experience, public joint stock firms that are listed in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE or GCC are permitted by the DLD to acquire real estate anywhere in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi real estate law buying | real estate lawyer UAE

real estate in Dubai
real estate laws in Dubai

real estate lawyers in Abu Dhabi clarify that ex-pats are now only permitted to own real estate in the form of flats and villas, following the legislation governing the regulation of the real estate sector in Abu Dhabi. In the country’s capital, the purchase of real estate is governed by four basic systems. These consist of:

1 – Musataha: Through Musataha contracts, foreign purchasers have the right to use, modify, or build the housing units they have acquired for a set amount of time. Additionally, they are permitted to own houses for a maximum of 50 years. With the consent of the parties involved, the renewal period is set for the same duration.

2 – Ownership Deeds: Property deeds for residential properties are granted to expatriates for 99 years. Foreign property owners can completely sell the villas and flats they purchase, excluding land ownership.

3. Long-term lease: A long-term lease has a minimum starting duration of 25 years.

4 – Usufruct: A usufruct contract lets owners enjoy the property and its amenities without making any changes to them and enables ex-pats to hold the residential property for more than 99 years.

The Abu Dhabi Real Estate Law was amended in 2019 in relation to foreigners holding property in investment areas. One of the amendments states that tenants with “musataha” or “usufruct” contracts for more than ten years have the freedom to sell or otherwise dispose of their homes, including the ability to mortgage them, without the landlord’s permission. Additionally, landlords are prohibited from mortgaging the property without the Musalaha or usufruct holders’ approval.

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FAQ about real estate laws in Dubai

1- Do I Need a Residence Visa to Buy a Home in the United Arab Emirates?

real estate legal services – Since May 2019, one of the several groups eligible for a UAE long-term resident visa is foreign real estate investors buying property in the UAE. For a 5-year resident visa, the minimum investment amount is AED 5 million. The principal applicant and their dependents are covered by this.

2- Can foreigners own freehold property in Dubai?

In Dubai, areas that have been given the freehold designation are eligible for foreign property ownership. In essence, this implies that international purchasers and expatriates (who do not reside in the UAE) may purchase freehold ownership rights without leasehold rights, usufruct rights, and limitations for up to 99 years. Furthermore:

  • Dubai Land Department is responsible for issuing title deeds.
  • Property ownership is open to people of any age.

3- what are the laws of buying property in Sharjah?

real estate lawyers in Sharjah show the laws of the property; according to Executive Council Resolution No. 26 of 2014 Regarding the Usufruct of Real Estate Properties in the Emirate of Sharjah, foreign citizens and companies owned by foreign nationals in the UAE do not have the right to own, but they do have the right of usufruct for a period of up to 100 years.

4- What legislation has the Emirate of Dubai issued in particular?

In addition to federal legislation and rules, the local government in the Emirate of Dubai has established a number of laws governing the control of the Emirate’s real estate register, whether for completed properties or buildings sold off-plan, as the case may be.


Real estate laws in Dubai are critical for both domestic and foreign buyers and investors. Anyone who wants to sell, buy, or rent property in Dubai must adhere to the real estate laws in UAE. This will allow them to make the most of their assets in Uae. Alternatively, they might transfer property ownership to their siblings or family.

our advocate and legal consultant provide the real estate procedures laws including buying, selling, renting, and financing by helping the best real estate lawyers in dubai.