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Dubai Civil Aviation Licensing Law No. (11) of 2020 regarding the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority stipulates the following:

The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, subject to Law No. (19) of 2010 referred to above, has the required legal personality and legal capacity. To carry out all acts and actions that ensure the achievement of its objectives; and all regulated operators, practitioners, and air cargo carriers in the Emirate.

The aircraft is considered property in terms of the application of the laws, rules, and regulations in force in the country.

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Considerations of Dubai Civil Aviation Licensing Law:

  • No legal action, such as selling, mortgaging, renting or any other act relating to an aircraft registered in the state registry, may be taken to another person without the approval of the competent authority. In all cases, the owner of the aircraft remains responsible for operating it in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • No aircraft may operate in the territory of the State or in the airspace over its territory without a license or permit issued by the competent authority and in accordance with its conditions.
  • The operator of these aircraft may be allowed to carry out specific air operations under an international agreement to which the country is a party, or a valid bilateral air agreement between the country and another country to regulate air transport.
  • The authorization granted is personal and not transferable to other persons.

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Conditions of Dubai Civil Aviation Licensing Law:

Dubai Civil Aviation Licensing Law
Dubai Civil Aviation Licensing Law

Aircraft flying in the territory of the State or the airspace over its territory must meet the following requirements:

  1. The aircraft must be registered in the country to which it belongs.
  2. The aircraft must carry a valid airworthiness certificate issued or valid by the country of registration of that aircraft.
  3. The aircraft must display the registration and nationality marks.
  4. The aircraft must carry the tools and equipment required by the State of registry as well as those required by the competent authority.
  5. Cabin crew members must hold valid licenses issued or validated by the country of registration, and they must be of a number equal to the number specified in the airworthiness certificate.
  6. The aircraft must be insured for the benefit of its crew, passengers and third party on the surface, in accordance with the established rules.
  7. The competent authority may exempt aircraft that are transported for the purposes of testing or instructions from any one or more of the above-mentioned conditions.

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Flight license:

No person may serve as a member of the flight crew of an aircraft flying in the territory or airspace of the State unless that person has a valid license issued under the rules and regulations applicable in the State of registry in that State.

  The cabin crew member registered in the country must hold a valid license issued or valid by the competent authority.

Who issues flight licenses?

The competent authority issues licenses for the flight crew and licenses for other technical personnel, for example in Dubai, the General Civil Aviation Authority does this. It shall also determine the requirements for the issuance, verification, and renewal of such licenses, bearing in mind that these requirements shall not be less than internationally agreed standards.

  In this regard, the competent authority may carry out the examinations and tests it deems necessary.

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What are the powers of the General Authority of Civil Aviation?

The Competent Authority may refuse to issue, renew or extend the validity of any license, and it may also cancel or suspend any license if the applicant or its holder does not meet the appropriate requirements, or violates any of the provisions of the law, based on what is stipulated in the Dubai Civil Aviation Licensing Law.

When is the license considered suspended?

The license is considered suspended if the holder suffers from:

  • Any injury resulting in a disability likely to interfere with the performance of duties related to the license
  •   Any illness for a period of twenty days or more, resulting in an incapacity likely to interfere with the performance of duties relating to the license.

In such cases, the license holder must inform the competent authority in writing of the injury or illness, so that they can take the necessary measures to resubmit him to the medical examination required for his type of license.

Registration and airworthiness requirements and documents:

The competent authority must determine the nationality marks of the aircraft and determine the manner of displaying such marks on the aircraft.

It must maintain a register of aircraft by the conditions and procedures established by the Dubai Civil Aviation Licensing Law. It also issues a registration certificate for each aircraft upon completion of the required procedures.

The aircraft registered in the above-mentioned register must hold the nationality of the country and show its nationality and registration marks.

In addition to that the competent authority determines the conditions and procedures for registering aircraft owned by citizens of other countries whose place of residence is in the country.

Reasons for removing the aircraft from the register?

According to Dubai Civil Aviation Law, an aircraft is removed from the registry in the following cases:

  • If the owner or lessee is no longer a citizen of the country.
  • If its ownership is transferred to a citizen of another country
  • If damaged, lost or permanently withdrawn from use.

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How can I do civil aviation?

Bachelor’s Degree is preferred along with certified pilot credentials after clearing the IGRUA Entrance Test conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). An exam in the following subjects: Air Regulations. Aviation Meteorology.

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