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From November 20 to December 18, 2022, Qatar will host the world’s largest football event. Because Dubai is its neighbor, it is expecting a large number of visitors during this time. For that, we provide you with laws to know in Dubai.

Dubai is preparing for hundreds of thousands of people to visit it, either as a base for travel to Qatar or as tourists to take advantage of the numerous benefits it provides.

So, here is a complete guide about laws to know in Dubai for this major event.

You’re in Dubai; how do you go to Qatar?

Dubai laws for expats
Laws to know in Dubai

If you are in Dubai and want to go to Qatar to watch the World Cup, there are many options in Dubai World Cup preparations.

First of all, you should have A Hayya Card in your suitcase, this is the card that everyone who wishes to travel to Qatar for the World Cup should have.

You must apply for one prior to your arrival, and this ticket entitles you to invite three other fans who do not have one to attend.

Flydubai will offer 30 shuttle flights from Dubai World Central to Qatar during this time period for those who wish to travel by air.

Of course, as with Covid-19, you must submit a negative PCR test, and these rules apply to everyone, whether or not they receive the vaccine.

What if I preferred to remain in UAE? What are the laws to know in Dubai?

Dubai laws for foreigners
Dubai laws for expats

Staying in Dubai has many advantages, including its laws that are open to most cultures and are sensitive to all, as well as the extensive preparations for the World Cup.

The UAE has also developed a special visa for Hayya card holders who wish to visit the country during the World Cup.

This new visa, which became available on November 1 and is valid for 90 days with the option of renewal, costs around $ 27 and allows you to enter the UAE multiple times.

All you have to do to get more information or obtain it is to go to the following website: ICP web portal.

Some laws to know in Dubai during your World Cup journey

the world cup is being held in the middle east for the first time ever, what does that mean?

it means that for the whole world of football it’s a new experience, it means having different social norms, traditional obligations and certain prohibitions you must abide by.

If you’re planning for your Dubai World Cup journey, there are some laws to know in Dubai and keep them in mind before you leave. Following Dubai’s guidelines will help make your trip a success!

Alcohol Consumption in Dubai

make sure you don’t drink except where you are allowed.

According to Dubai legislation, you can only drink alcohol at home or in licensed establishments. The legal drinking age is 21. If you’re an expat living in Dubai, you’ll need to apply for a license to buy and keep alcohol at home. Tourists in Dubai can receive a one-month temporary liquor license.

Photography in Specific Locations

Of course, you can use your camera to photograph a variety of subjects and create wonderful memories, but there are some restrictions, just as in any other country.

In Dubai, you cannot photograph natives without their permission. Certain government buildings and military installations are prohibited from being photographed.

you must try to safeguard the privacy of others on don’t breach the sanctity of homes and local citizens, and always make sure you don’t infringe copyrighted materials.

dress appropriately

you have to take into your consideration the local culture when choosing what to wear, make sure you have appropriate clothes in your wardrobe that blends with the local culture.

you must also take note that taking your clothes off in public is strictly forbidden.

Public displays of affection

The Arab gulf in general and the UAE in particular is a family oriented society with high moral values , try to avoid public displays of affection.

behavior and manners

we all get excited when watching our national team play, but when in a civilized country we must behave accordingly, always be respectable whether its with officials, citizens, or even residents.

banned substances

under no circumstances should you buy, sell, use, or carry banned substance while traveling.


Hotels will typically need a photocopy of your passport or Emirates ID. You cannot stay at a hotel if you are under the age of 18 and are not accompanied by an adult.

You could learn more about laws in Dubai at our website, such as Car accident law in UAE.


Finally, Dubai is regarded as one of the best and most evolved countries in the Middle East in terms of legal systems.

Dubai is also regarded as one of the top countries in terms of law compliance, enforcement, and transparency, all of which combine to make it one of the best locations for tourists worldwide, including World Cup tourism.

Whether you stay there in Dubai or travel to Qatar, do not pass up the opportunity to appreciate and experience the atmosphere of the World Cup, as it may not be repeated.

Still, every country has some level of privacy, so we have supplied you with laws to know in Dubai.

Wish you an unforgettable World Cup Dubai trip!