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When purchasing or renting a property in the UAE, one expects a smooth handover process with the agreed-upon timelines. However, delays in property handover can sometimes occur, causing inconvenience and frustration for buyers and tenants. In such situations, it’s important to be aware of your rights and the available compensation options. This blog will explore the topic of compensation when property handover is delayed in the UAE.

Addressing Property Handover Delays in the UAE: Understanding Causes and Management

Property handover delays can be attributed to various factors, including construction delays, permit issues, financing challenges, or changes in project timelines. While some delays are unavoidable, it’s crucial for developers and landlords to fulfill their obligations and minimize disruptions for buyers and tenants.

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Property Lawyer

Rights and Legal Framework

The UAE has regulations in place to protect the rights of property buyers and tenants in the event of a delayed handover. Here are a few key points to consider:

  1. Developer’s Liability:

    Developers are obligated to deliver properties within the agreed-upon timeframes as per the sales and purchase agreements. Failure to meet the handover deadline may result in penalties or compensation for the affected parties.
  2. Rental Disputes Center (RDC):

    For rental properties, the RDC in each emirate provides a platform to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants. It offers a transparent and efficient process for seeking compensation due to delays.
  3. Termination Rights:

    In cases of significant delays, buyers and tenants may have the right to terminate the contract and seek a refund of their investment or prepaid rent. However, it’s important to review the terms and conditions of the contract, as termination rights may vary based on individual agreements.
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Compensation Options

When facing property handover delays, here are some compensation options you can explore:

  • Extended Accommodation: If you are a tenant, you may negotiate with the landlord to extend your current lease agreement until the property handover is completed. This ensures you have a place to stay during the delay period.
  • Financial Compensation: Buyers and tenants can seek financial compensation for any losses incurred due to the delay. This may include reimbursement for additional rent, relocation costs, storage fees, or any other reasonable expenses directly related to the delay.

    Navigating Contractual Safeguards and Legal Recourse

  • Penalty Clause: Some contracts may include a penalty clause that outlines the compensation amount to be paid by the developer or landlord in case of a delayed handover. Review your contract to determine if such a clause exists and the associated terms.
  • Legal Action: In cases where amicable negotiations fail, buyers and tenants have the option to pursue legal action. Engaging a lawyer specialized in real estate law can provide guidance and help you navigate the legal process.

In Dubai, what does delayed sell mean?

Customers can use this service to register delayed sales and purchases by agreeing on specific payments with the buyer and seller, and acquiring a property/building. The issuance of the Original Title Deed for the property occurs only after completing all payments

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Handling a Delay in the Handover of Your Off-Plan Property:

1- Verify the Relevance of Fees and Paperwork:

Ensure you have paid all dues for your off-plan property and confirm the completion of all necessary paperwork. Delays in the handover process often result from pending payments or overlooked paperwork.

2-Conduct a Site Visit and Review Project Status:

Visit the site to assess the physical progress of the project and understand the reasons behind the delay in your property’s handover. This provides an opportunity to meet with the project developer and gain insights into the factors causing the delay.

Verifying Project Viability:


In line with its specified rules, the Real Estate Regulation Authority (RERA) of Dubai has the power to cancel any off-plan project.

Take the initiative to check the “Project Status” on the Dubai Land Department (DLD) website to ascertain whether RERA has canceled any off-plan property projects. In the event of project cancellation, the responsibility shifts to the liquidation committee. Subsequently, the Dubai Real Estate Court addresses matters concerning the liquidation and settlement of rights for purchasers in cases of delayed off-plan property handover.

Securing Legal Assistance for Resolution:

To address such situations effectively, actively seek the services of a lawyer who can legally advocate for your rights.

Kirallah Lawyer Company boasts some of the best legal professionals capable of assisting you in reclaiming your rights if any issues arise.

In Conclusion:

Taking Action Amid Property Handover Delays

Experiencing delays in property handovers can be a source of frustration for both buyers and tenants in the UAE. However, proactively understanding your rights and exploring available compensation options can significantly mitigate the impact of such delays. Whether negotiating extended accommodation, pursuing financial compensation, or exploring legal avenues, taking assertive action is crucial for achieving a fair resolution.

Consistently review your contract, seek consultation from legal experts when necessary, and maintain clear communication with all relevant parties involved. Furthermore, in challenging situations, seeking legal assistance becomes imperative for a smooth and lawful resolution. Kairallah stands out as the optimal choice to navigate these complexities and ensure a seamless and legal resolution to any issues that may arise.