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The UAE Traffic Law concerning the driver’s liability includes the UAE traffic fines for hit and run in the event of an accident.

Federal Law No. 21 of 1995 “Concerning traffic” as amended is the law, which governs traffic and regulates vehicles. The law also stipulates the sanctions for traffic crimes and procedures related thereto.

Obligations of the driver of a motor vehicle in case of an accident

In accordance with the provisions of Article No. 5 of the Traffic Law, every driver shall hand his personal papers and those of the vehicle to any attending policeman in the event an accident happens, by or against such driver, which causes harm to humans, animals or property. The driver shall extend all necessary and possible assistance to care for the injured. He must also inform the nearest police station about the accident within a six-hour delay at most, in case no police officer was present in the scene of the accident.

UAE Traffic fines

As a result of the violation of such obligation the criminal penalty may be imposed on the driver by virtue of the provisions of the Article No. 49. 5 which stipulates that the driver who refrains from stopping in the event of occurrence of an accident, by or against resulting in damage to persons, without acceptable excuse shall be sentenced to imprisonment and/or to a minimum fine of twenty five thousand Dhs (AED 25,000).

In the event of driver fleeing from the accident, which did not result in harm to the persons, the penalty shall be measured in accordance with the provisions of the Article No. 57 of the Traffic Law, which provides for the penalty for whoever violates any provisions of the Traffic Law other than those that provide for the separate sanctions.

The violator, under the provisions of the Article No. 57 shall be sentenced only to imprisonment for a maximum period of one month and /or a minimum fine of five hundred Dhs (AED 500).

It shall be noted that the driver may be arrested if he attempts to flee in case an accident harming any person occurs or in case of an order to stop, given by a policeman.

A motor vehicle may be confiscated in case it is connected with an accident involving a crime and it is necessary to exhibit such vehicle as evidence.

uae traffic fines
UAE traffic fines | law firms in dubai

Things to remember after a road accident in UAE

1. Get Aside

Whenever you encounter a road accident, the first step you need to take, regardless of whether you were hit or been hit by someone, is to park the vehicle in a safe place, turn on the hazard lights, and get out of the vehicle. In case you have been hit by someone and the driver of that vehicle tries to evade the accident, then immediately note the license number and pass it on to the police.

2. Don’t try to escape

whether it is your fault or not, never try to leave the accident site. It is illegal to run away or escape after an accident that may result in a penalty of AED 500 and 5 black points on the driving license along with a week of confiscation of the vehicle. If you flee from a major accident, then it may cause severe penalties.

3. Make a call to 999

The second most step that you need to take is dialing 999 to get the police or ambulance to the accident site. In between, you can take photos of the damaged vehicle. However, taking pictures of others is a clear violation of the Cybercrime Law of UAE.

4. 4. uae traffic fines| Follow police instructions

It is very important to stay clam and provide all relevant information to the police authority present there. The one who reviews the accident site will issue three various forms which are pink, green, and white in colours. Where the pink is given to the accused, green for the innocent and white is given if neither of the party is accused or incase if the accused is unknown.

5. Post the police report

After receiving the police report, the final step is to inform the insurance and the rental vehicle company. Upon informing, the concerned company will arrange the service at the accident site if any damage has occurred. This step needs to be followed in the same case if your vehicle hit on a wall or concrete parking.

In the unfortunate circumstance of being in an accident, never try to flee, and it’s always best to contact a law firm that can help you stay on the right track. Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants, one of the best law firms in UAE, can help you out with any accident-related cases.

FAQ about UAE traffic fines | UAE traffic rules

What is the penalty for reckless driving in the UAE?

AED 2,000 in fines, 23 black points, and a 60-day car impoundment are the consequences of reckless driving. Drivers who put other people’s lives in danger will be subject to the same penalties and fines according to the best lawyers in Dubai. Other infractions include obstructing traffic, running red lights, swerving suddenly, and driving without a license plate.

What are Dubai’s traffic fines?

law firm in Dubai explains that the UAE Unified Federal Traffic Law’s list of Dubai traffic fines is shown below. driving a car with only one license plate b. The car plate’s lack of clarity 1. Operating a vehicle in a manner that endangers the driver’s life, other people’s safety, or their security.

Can I drive my car after an accident in UAE?

It should be safe to leave the scene if the only damage to your automobile is cosmetic, such as a damaged bumper or panel (although it is a good idea to ask the police officer first). You won’t be able to drive your automobile away if it has significant damage or if there are lights or glass that are damaged.

How much is the fine for minor accident in Dubai?

If the drivers involved cannot agree who is to blame, they must call Dubai Police on 999. The police will then determine the liable party. Alternatively, all parties should go to the nearest police station to report the incident. The party found liable will have to pay a fine of Dh520

What happens if you get caught driving without a license in UAE?

The fine and/or prison sentence will be decided by the court. Drivers who run red lights will be fined AED 1,000, given 12 points, and have their cars seized for a month. AED 400 in fines and four black points are assessed for using a phone while driving or engaging in any other distractions.