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Rights of passengers in UAE – The United Arab Emirates is the first destination for all those who looking for tourism and recreation in one of the best-advanced countries in the Middle East that combine the old traditions and developing technology.

The UAE has the largest airline fleet in the area and millions of passengers travel by plane each year, yet many of them are unaware that they have rights that protect them while in transit and traveling. in this article law firm in Dubai can clarify the rights of passengers in UAE and assist you in obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled. and our law firm in Dubai shows them.

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what are the rights of passengers in UAE?

When anything goes wrong with your flight, we all know how frustrating it can be. It is not made any simpler by the intricacy and inconsistency of passenger rights. We’ve advocated for all nations to follow the same key principles on passenger rights that the International Civil Aviation Organization has supported (ICAO).

However, the rights of passengers in UAE have been supported through a set of laws issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, the aim of these laws is to define, preserve and organize rights for passengers to and from the UAE, as well as the scenarios in which these rights apply, as well as their minimal rights in the event of refused boarding, canceled, or delayed flights. that include:

1- Delays/Cancellations

Passengers are not entitled to compensation if their flights are delayed or canceled. There are no company regulations for passenger compensation, and each airline has its own policy. If your flight is canceled, most airlines will put you on the next available flight.

It’s worth asking if the airline would pay for food or a phone call if your plane is delayed. If the delay is due to severe weather or other factors beyond their control, some will refuse to provide any facilities. Only if you are “bumped” from an oversold aircraft is compensation required by law 

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2- Refunds

Although refund policies differ from one carrier to the next, there are a few common criteria to follow. You may be able to credit the fare you paid toward a future flight if you need to cancel a ticket booked under non-refundable pricing, less any applicable modification or cancellation costs.

If you need to cancel a refundable credit card ticket, your refund will be granted as a credit on the same card you used to purchase it. (If you’re having trouble securing a refund from your airline, contact your credit card company for assistance.

3- Carriage Conditions

the rights of passengers in UAE differ per airline and are referred to as “Conditions of Carriage” or “Contract of Carriage” in some cases. This paper must be available on your carrier’s website (though it may take some searching to locate it! ), and it’s definitely worth reading if you’re unsure of your rights.

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4- Reservations

Even though there is no record of your reservation in the airline’s computer system, you have a confirmed reservation, you are guaranteed a seat on the aircraft.

If you have a ticket or print-out that displays a confirmed reservation for a certain flight and date, and you didn’t cancel or miss a reconfirmation deadline, an agent cannot refuse you boarding because the reservation isn’t on the computer.

If you fail to show up for a flight and do not cancel your reservation, you will be considered a no-show, and the airline will be able to cancel any future or return reservations.

5- Luggage Delay/Loss/Damage

If you discover that your luggage did not arrive with your aircraft, you must make a claim with your airline at the airport. If your baggage is delayed, most airlines will cover “reasonable” charges until the luggage is found. The amount paid is negotiable, and you may have to argue for a fair payout.

If your luggage is not discovered, you must make a second claim, which might take some time. It is typical to have to wait six weeks to three months for compensation, while certain airlines are far more efficient than others.

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The Rights of Airlines

If your flight is delayed or canceled, the airline is not always responsible. Some circumstances, like as bad weather and “acts of God,” are considered beyond the carriers’ control. The airline will normally refund your ticket in these situations, even if it was a non-refundable ticket, but it will not be liable for any difficulty you may have had.

The following is a brief list of circumstances under which an airline may lawfully refuse you boarding or remove you from a confirmed flight.

  • If the airline is required to follow any government rule or respond to a request for emergency transportation in connection with national defense.
  • If you refuse to be checked for explosives or hidden weapons, you will be arrested.
  • If you refuse to present proof of identity or don’t have the necessary papers to cross foreign borders.
  • If your behavior is chaotic, abusive, or aggressive, or if you are impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • If you are barefoot or dressed in an objectionable manner to others.
  • If you try to tamper with a member of the flight crew or endanger the plane’s safety.
  • If the airline is unable to operate due to severe weather or other factors beyond its control.

What are the rights of airline passengers?

The right to respect and dignity in treatment. The right to information about services, as well as the capabilities and restrictions of aircraft. The right to information in a format that is accessible. Accessible airport facilities are a right

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What are the travel conditions for citizens and residents of the UAE?

Rights of passengers traveling to and from UAE
Rights of passengers in UAE

The following are mandatory criteria that must be followed before departure and upon arrival at travel destinations:

  1.  citizens and residents of the nation must complete an application and register for the My Presence service on the Federal Authorities for Identity and Citizenship website before flying.
  2. depending on the health regulations at the desired destination, conducting a Covid-19 examination prior to travel, which may require a recent result within 48 hours of the time of travel, provided that the result of the examination is shown to the concerned authorities in the country’s airports via the Al-Hosn application, and travel will not be permitted. Unless the traveler’s test result is negative.
  3. persons over the age of seventy will not be permitted to travel, and those with chronic ailments are encouraged to avoid traveling to ensure their safety.
  4. the traveler must get foreign health insurance that covers the intended destination and is good for the duration of the trip.
  5. adherence to airport-recommended preventative and precautionary measures, including wearing masks and gloves, sanitizing hands on a regular basis, and maintaining physical separation.
  6. Proceeding to the airport’s health procedures point to check the temperature, as instances with a temperature over 37.8 or respiratory symptoms will be isolated. It should be noted that if a passenger is suspected of being infected with the Covid-19 virus, he will be denied passage to preserve his and others’ safety.
  7. travelers, citizens, and residents must complete the required health responsibility forms, which include a vow to quarantine upon return and a promise not to go to places other than those listed on the forms.

Travelers’ Golden Rules from Law Firm in Dubai

The best lawyers in Dubai paper a list of guides and instructions to avoid getting into trouble with airport security:

  1. Don’t receive bags or baggage from strangers in your destination country unless you know what’s inside.
  2.  Do not assist other passengers by carrying their bags and luggage without first knowing what is inside.
  3. Do not exchange travel baggage with friends in good faith without verifying its contents.
  4.  Do not conceal cash or valuables, and if you exceed the statutory disclosure limit, do not hesitate to reveal.
  5. Show proof of lawful custody of some of the items you’re bringing with you (eg an approved prescription for medicines).
  6. Follow the airlines’ and shipping firms’ instructions and directions.
  7. Before traveling to a country, learn about the laws in place in that country regarding prohibitions and limitations.
  8. At the customs precincts and inspection areas, follow the directions and instructions of the customs officer.
  9. When you know they are illegal or restricted things with other passengers, don’t hide individuals.
  10. To expedite the process of completing travel transactions, do not enter randomly among travelers in congested locations.
Rights of passengers UAE
Rights of passengers in UAE

Commonly asked questions

How much time do I have to submit a compensation claim?

Most laws provide that your right to flight compensation will eventually expire, therefore it’s critical to understand the Statute of Limitations for your claim. The specific time restrictions for each company vary according to UAE passengers’ rights. It’s critical to understand that various time constraints may apply to your claim, depending on where you were traveling and where the airline’s headquarters are located.

Can I get compensated if I booked a flight through an online travel agency?

Yes, it makes no difference where you purchased your plane ticket; all that matters is if you match the compensation criteria. You can seek compensation if your flight was delayed for three hours or more, or canceled fewer than 14 days before the scheduled departure date. The airline must also be held accountable for the interruption. 

What are the requirements for Abu Dhabi?

If you are not fully vaccinated, you must produce a COVID-19 recovery certificate or a negative PCR test result obtained within 48 hours. Your recovery certificate must contain a QR code and be dated within 30 days after departure. Children under the age of 12 are excluded.

A PCR test is no longer required upon arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The testing facility, however, will remain at the airport for any travelers who desire to take a PCR test in order to activate their Green Pass on the Al Hosn app and get entry to Abu Dhabi’s public areas and tourism sites. This PCR test will set you back AED 40.

Who can assist me if the airline refuses to pay my compensation?

Though your airline refuses to pay your compensation, even if you are entitled, you may have to contact our best lawyers in Dubai for more legal consulting and we will handle all legal proceedings on your behalf. 

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