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Best free zone in UAE, The UAE has been the hub of economic growth in the Middle East. A focused administration, flexible rules, and the entrepreneurial spirit of UAE citizens are all important elements in the country’s economic progress. The country has created several opportunities for both foreign and domestic investors.

Whether you want to establish a new company or grow an existing one, the UAE is the best place to do so. Aside from the advantages of doing business within the Emirates, the UAE free zones are another significant reason why the UE is becoming an economic hub.

There are several advantages to establishing a company in the country’s free zone areas. Most of these zones allow for 100% foreign ownership of the firm and complete profit and capital accrual. In addition, businesses benefit from tax breaks such as tax breaks, as well as networking and assistance possibilities.

A free trade zone is a designated area designed to promote international business in the country by enabling individuals to completely own their businesses. So, you’re not sure which free zones in the UAE to visit. Our best lawyers in Dubai will analyze the best free zones in UAE to help you make an informed decision.

List of UAE free zones | free zone company setup consultants

1- DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority) 

DAFZA is one of the best Dubai free zone areas and it is at the top of the List of free zones in Dubai, it is home to almost 3,100 businesses company from a variety of industries, including jewelry, pharmaceuticals, lighting, logistics, manufacturing, and mobile phone accessories.

Dubai Airport Free Zone offers an excellent opportunity for companies to start competitive operations in the Emirate. Foreign companies receive warehouses and offices in exchange for complete ownership in a tax-free environment. 

The free zone area is near Dubai International Airport and includes contemporary amenities and premium infrastructure. It is well-known for connecting markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the rest of the Middle East. 

2- Sharjah Airport International Free Zone(SAIF)

free zones in Sharjah are an ideal location for business opportunities. setup company in the free zone is simple and quick. SAIF ZONE’s purpose is always to be flexible. All types of companies can open a business in the zone.

SAIIF’s location is also ideal for logistics, manufacturing, and trade enterprises looking to establish operations in the UAE at a low cost. 

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone also offers one of the world’s largest client bases, with access to over 2 billion people. Furthermore, Sharjah accounts for more than one-third of the UAE’s industrial operations.

Container parking, worker housing, bunkers, storage facilities, and warehouses are all available and of high quality. The free zone provides full-time employment.

3- Jebel Ali free zone offshore companies

Jebel Ali Free Zone, which houses over 8,700 enterprises, including more than 100 Fortune Global 500 corporations, accounts for more than 20% of the UAE’s foreign direct investment and 50% of Dubai’s total exports. This free zone has been one of the largest and most advanced in the UAE since its founding in 1985.

Jebel Ali Free Zone is located in the Jebel Ali area of Dubai’s far western region, near the boundaries of Abu Dhabi. It is linked to the Port of Jebel Ali, the world’s biggest manufactured port, which handles more than 19 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) of container traffic annually. Dubai International Airport, the busiest airport in the world in terms of international passenger traffic, is located near this free zone.

4- Hamriyah free zone company formation

Hamriyah Free Zone, one of the country’s largest free zones UAE, provides an environment suitable for the establishment and development of economic enterprises. The establishment of a Hamriyah Free Zone enterprise would be a good investment.

The Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ) provides outstanding opportunities for economic growth. The Free Zone, which covers an area of 24 square kilometers, also features a big port to assist the transportation of commodities and supplies. Companies in the HFZ can conduct export and import activities at seaports in the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. In this jurisdiction, the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) regulates company incorporation, policymaking, and regulations.

5- Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone is one of the best Free Zone in the world for people and enterprises to set up a business. RAKEZ is conveniently located between the harbor and Ras Al Khaimah International Airport.

While the free zone welcomes nearly any form of company, manufacturing is by far the most prominent industry in the region. This is because RAKEZ is one of the few free zones in the country that provides customized parcels of land for industrial use as well as customizable warehouses.

RAKEZ categorizes all activities under numerous groups. E-commerce, commercial, educational, and media services are only a few examples as well as is considered one of the cheapest free zone in UAE.


Abu Dhabi Free Zone company formation provides low-cost licenses for trading, logistics, industrial, and service businesses. KIZAD is the top option for investors worldwide because of its cheap operational expenses, the convenience of conducting business, and market accessibility. KIZAD is connected to Khalifa Port, one of the region’s most modern deep-sea ports and the first semi-automated container port. this port is positioned between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to assist the trade in the country.

7- Free Zone DWC

DWC Free Zone increases Dubai’s status as a logistics and commerce center. It employs Jebel Ali Port and connects it to Al Maktoum International Airport through the designated Dubai Logistics Corridor. This creates a single custom-bonded zone, which reduces time on the ground and speeds up the flow of sea-to-air/air-to-sea freight. DWC Free Zone is a genuinely multimodal logistics platform with direct access to the major trans-emirate road networks, delivering unparalleled levels of connection, speed, and efficiency.

FAQ | Best law firm in Dubai

1. How many Free zones in UAE?

There are currently around 45 free zones in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), each with its own set of regulations, licensing authorities, and incentives to attract foreign businesses. These free zones cover various industries such as technology, healthcare, logistics, media, finance, and manufacturing.

The majority of the free zones are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, while other emirates such as Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah also have their own free zones. The UAE government has been actively encouraging foreign investment through the establishment of these free zones, offering tax exemptions, 100% foreign ownership, and streamlined business processes to facilitate ease of doing business in the country.

2. what are Dubai Free Zone benefits?

Dubai free zones offer several benefits to companies looking to set up a business in the UAE, including:

  1. 100% foreign ownership of the company
  2. Zero corporate or personal tax for up to 50 years
  3. Easy and fast company registration processes
  4. Customs duty exemptions on imports and exports
  5. Access to world-class infrastructure and facilities
  6. No restrictions on the repatriation of capital and profits
  7. Assistance with visas and work permits for employees
  8. Flexible lease terms for office spaces and warehouses
  9. No currency restrictions or exchange controls
  10. Strategic location for easy access to regional markets.

These benefits, coupled with a stable political and economic environment, make Dubai free zones an attractive destination for foreign investors looking to establish a business in the Middle East.

3. what is the Cheapest free zone in UAE?

The cheapest free zone in UAE depends on the type of business and its requirements. However, some of the most cost-effective free zones in the UAE include Shams Free Zone, Ajman Free Zone, Umm Al Quwain Free Zone, and Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone. These free zones offer affordable business setup costs, low annual fees, and other incentives to attract businesses.

Last words

Setting up a business in a free zone in Dubai may be a complicated procedure, therefore it is best to get local counsel and legal advice on the numerous incorporation and registration processes. Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants offers consultation and assistance on how to start up a business in a Dubai-free zone in order to shorten the whole documentation and paperwork process so that you can focus on growing your business in Dubai.

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