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Vehicle insurance in dubai – Dubai is one of the countries where traffic laws are strictly enforced, so having motor insurance in dubai is required. Although the accident rate in Dubai is fairly low, getting vehicle insurance coverage is a wise decision to ensure the safety of the car.

Every person has different insurance requirements, which may alter based on the sort of vehicle they possess. Many insurance firms in Dubai have entered the battle to become the finest vehicle insurance company in Dubai by launching sophisticated products.

As a result, it is critical for insurance seekers to understand how their insurance premium is calculated, how to estimate the cost of car insurance in Dubai, and other aspects of car insurance in Dubai in order to obtain coverage.

Our insurance lawyer in Dubai will discuss various factors that affect your vehicle insurance cost or how the average car insurance expense in Dubai is calculated.

Ahmed Abdel Rahman is one of our best lawyers, he is a graduate from the University of Alexandria in Egypt in 2010 (English Department). He works as a legal assistant at Khairallah Advocates and Legal Consultants and has extensive experience in the practice of law and the Law codes in the United Arab Emirates. Ahmed appears before courts, as well as before Governmental and non-governmental authorities. He has experience in handling all court procedures including execution and criminal cases.

He is responsible for registering and following all types of cases in Dubai Courts, he Investigates and gathers the facts of a case, maintains and organizes files updates files with case status and information and Maintain documents received from clients, conducts research for lawyers, retrieves and organize evidence for use at depositions and trials, and draft settlement agreements.

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What is car Insurance In Dubai? | insurance lawyer

In Dubai and other parts of the Emirates, vehicle insurance is an important part of daily life. There is always a significant risk to both people and property. Traffic accidents can occur without prior notice and are related to risk in certain driving habits, actions, and negligence. regardless of how many safety measures are taken. Therefore, having your car insured might provide you peace of mind in the case of a collision. By adopting a Federal Law, the UAE has made Motor Insurance in Dubai mandatory. According to Regulation No. (21) of 1995, obtaining vehicle insurance is a requirement for obtaining a motor vehicle registration.

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Types of Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy | insurance consultants lawyers

According to Insurance Authority UAE, In Dubai, there are essentially two forms of car insurance.

1- Comprehensive Car Insurance (Full Insurance)

Every car on the street must be insured in accordance with UAE legislation. In case of an accident, having vehicle insurance gives you assurance and financial protection against third-party responsibility claims. With comprehensive insurance, your own car will also be covered in case of theft or damage. Although your car’s registration period is 12 months, there is a 1-month grace period, so insurance policies are valid for 13 months.

The comprehensive car insurance policy is one of the greatest vehicle insurance policies that you can depend on when you need it the most. This form of car insurance policy provides more coverage. It covers all third-party responsibility charges as well as the cost of repairing or replacing your own car, whether or not it was your fault.

This type of car insurance also covers vehicle damage caused by an external explosion, fire, self-ignition, accidental collision, burglary, or theft. The full car insurance policy also covers agency repairs for four-wheelers up to one and two years old, depending on the car insurance company. 

2- Third-party insurance

To renew a car in the UAE, third-party insurance is mandatory. Liability against individual injury/death and/or property damage is covered by motor insurance in Dubai.

If an accident car occurs, third-party liability insurance only offers coverage for the other automobile and its occupants. In comparison to comprehensive insurance, you will pay less if you have third-party liability insurance. Having said that, you will still be required to pay more in the event that a significant accident results in damage to your car.

Most lending institutions in the United Arab Emirates forbid you from having third-party insurance if you have a vehicle loan.

The experts in insurance advise getting vehicle insurance rather than third-party liability insurance. It provides extensive insurance protection and monetary security in case of an accident.

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Dubai Car Insurance Requirements | insurance law in dubai

We require the following details in order to provide new Car Insurance policies:

  1. Copy of a driver’s license (Front & Back)
  2. Copy of a vehicle registration card OR a letter of car purchase (Front & Back)
  3. Emirates ID of the driver (Front & Back)
  4. Passing Document (If The Registration has expired or if its a second-hand car)

Law requires the aforementioned papers to be provided electronically prior to the issuing of the car insurance policy, and any misrepresentation or incorrect information may result in the cancellation of the insurance policy and denial of a claim.

Advantages of vehicle insurance in Dubai

our firm services in Dubai will show the main benefits of car insurance:

  • Agency Repair: Have the manufacturer repair a car that has been damaged in an accident.
  • Roadside Assistance: A variety of service companies offer this assistance. In addition to GCC roadside service, they manage car towing, battery boost, flat tires, lockouts, and emergency gas supply.
  • If an insured person needs medical attention as a result of an accident, they are protected up to AED 6770.
  • Personal Effects: Insurance for vehicle loss or damage up to AED 5,000 if caused by fire, lightning, or an external explosion.
  • Personal damage insurance protects the insured and/or their spouse in the event of any kind of bodily harm.
  • GCC Cover: Insurance for motorists traveling through countries that are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
  • Sociable Perils: The value of the vehicle is protected from social hazards caused by riots, civil unrest, and strike.
  • Legal Liability: Insurance for family members of the driver traveling as passengers is based on a case-by-case basis.
  • Off-Road Insurance: Offers insurance for the insured vehicle in the case of a serious off-road collision.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Insurance in Dubai

How To Estimate Car insurance dubai cost?

First, use the standard beginning rate of 2.5% if the value of your vehicle is less than 100,000 AED. Take the base starting rate of 2.35% if it is greater than AED 100,000 and less than AED 300,000, and the basic starting rate of 2.2% if it is greater than AED 300,000 and less than AED 1 million.

However, keep in mind that basic prices are only estimates, and further savings could be provided depending on things like driving history.

When should Dubai car insurance be renewed?

After the first 12-month licensing period, the vehicle insurance in Dubai expires. However, you will have a 30-day grace period to renew your car insurance; as a result, you won’t be penalized or fined during this time.


When buying vehicle insurance in Dubai Compare the policies of various insurers and make sure you are working with a reputable insurance broker who is able to comprehend your needs, provide you with a variety of car insurance option plans to choose from, explain the advantages and disadvantages of your policy, and provide guidance and assistance throughout the entire decision-making process.

Working with the best legal consultants in Dubai that have a professional claims team who can optimize the entire claims procedure is also important. Since you are aware of the benefits of car insurance in the UAE, make sure you have one before driving your vehicle.

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